• The MMS (Mighty Mini Simmons) - 5'2" - Gray
  • The MMS (Mighty Mini Simmons) - 5'2" - Gray
  • The MMS (Mighty Mini Simmons) - 5'2" - Gray

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The MMS (Mighty Mini Simmons) - 5'2" - Gray

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Ryan Harris:

“I’ve been shaping these for about 12-13 years...ever since Joe Bauguess introduced the Shape...I recently tried a rad soft top version...this is my version of the Mini Simmons with some radical new improvements based off of the modern planning hull and sacred geometry"

The MMS packs a ton of volume in a really short package, they have a skatey and loose feel and fit in the pocket perfectly! Our concave step rail allows for a performance rail in the water while maximizing volume up under your chest. A single channel running nose to tail blended into the modern planning hull help give this shape even more lift and drive. Comes standard as a Split quad set up for more versatility (it can be ridden as a quad or twin). 
Available from 4’7 to 5’5”. Best ridden 8-12” shorter than your go to shortboard and with an increase to your volume of 2-4L

IG & FB @Cosubesurf – 1580 NW 21st Ave, PDX 97209