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Nayo Ovalle - Guatemala

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The Vides family legacy began in 1958 when Jorge Vides, a traveling doctor, purchased a plot of land in Huehuetenango to pursue a new hobby outside of medicine. Over many years he worked to develop the plot and cultivate Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties. Today, the land comprises of six farms managed by Jorge’s grandson, Renardo “Nayo” Ovalle Vides. Nayo focuses on improving coffee quality and equipment while continuing to grow a dedicated team of coffee professionals, which includes his wife, Jaqueline, a certified Q-grader who spends much of her time at their lab in Guatemala City.

Look for well-rounded notes of orange, almond butter, and milk chocolate in the cup.

The Vides family coffee farm is built on the legacy of Jorge Vide who first started cultivating Bourbon & Caturra coffee varieties three generations ago. Today, Jorge's grandson, Renaldo "Nayo" Ovalle Vides, oversees the family operation and in doing so, continues on a legacy of greatness. We're incredibly honored to share Nayo's coffee. We are enjoying taste notes of sweet orange, almond butter, and milk chocolate.

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