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Brandborg Oregon Pinot Gris

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For the first time we were able to source all of our pinot gris from two vineyards in our Elkton Oregon AVA. New to us was fruit from Elk Valley Vineyard, on a west facing slope 2 miles south east of our winery. Our other source that we have worked with for a number of years is the Anindor Vineyard, on a west facing bench 3 miles east of our winery in Elkton. The soils of both are born of the Umpqua River, windblown, called appropriately windygap. The 2018 vintage was a bit of a rebound from the challenging 2017 vintage. The winter was mild, spring cool and then came a long temperate, dry summer with a perfect fall for maturity. The wine is a pale golden color. The aromas of this wine are dominated by bright green apple, with summer wildflowers and a touch of fresh mown hay. There is a bit of white peach and lemon curd that comes with airing. The mouthfeel is yummy, but not cloying, with a pleasingly tart finish. Our gris is a very versatile wine at the table. It was perfect with breaded pan seared cod, finished with a reduction of this wine, lemon, capers and dill mustard.

2019 13.9%ABV 3.09pH 7.8g/L TA

Harvest data:
Anindor Vineyard, Elkton Oregon September 27 23.9Brix, 8.2g/L TA, 3.27pH
Elk Valley Vineyard, Elkton Oregon September 28 21.7Brix, 6.3g/L TA, 3.11pH

  • Alcohol 13.90%