• Balm of Gilead Necklace - Bronze
  • Balm of Gilead Necklace - Bronze
  • Balm of Gilead Necklace - Bronze
  • Balm of Gilead Necklace - Bronze

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Balm of Gilead Necklace - Bronze

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Wild Rose | The Path of Beauty.

This botanical charm necklace honors the wild mountain rose, a variety that has not been tamed, but instead grows freely in the forests. She graces us with her beauty in spring while nourishing the bees with her sweet nectar. In fall she provides sustenance for the bears as they feed themselves on her highly nutritious rose hips. 

As she cycles each season she remains in service to beauty and the harmonious flow of life around her.

The medicine of the rose works from the heart to bring forth a strength that contains both grace & wisdom. The Rose is an ancient depiction of the feminine mysteries and symbolizes beauty, passion and love, while its thorny stem offers the energies of wisdom and protection. She teaches us to move through the world from a heart centered authenticity while embracing the fullness of our unique beautiful expression, and reminds us to remain in service to the divine feminine aspects of ourselves and all life.


   - Bronze pendant with 22k gold vermeil chain

   - Chain Length |  Adjustable 16"- 22" 

 Rutilated Quartz is a beautiful clear quartz crystal enhanced with inclusions of rutile through each stone. This magical stone supports spiritual growth and illuminates the soul through bringing clarity and promoting forgiveness.  It is said to dispel fear, negativity and low vibrational thoughts while cleansing stone and protecting the auric field. It also supports and facilitates transition and change. These qualities make this stone perfect for use in a pendulum. 


   - Bronze or solid gold pendant with 22k gold vermeil chain or all sterling silver

   - A weighted, weathered pendant set with faceted Rutilated Quartz crystal 

   - Dimensions | 3.5cm long & 1.5cm wide

   - Hung on 32" /  22k Gold Vermeil Chain


- Lovingly crafted from reclaimed metals

- Solid bronze

- Nickel & allergen free

- Ethically made in the USA

IG & FB @Cosubesurf – 1580 NW 21st Ave, PDX 97209