• Serpent Ring - Bronze
  • Serpent Ring - Bronze
  • Serpent Ring - Bronze
  • Serpent Ring - Bronze

Catori Life

Serpent Ring - Bronze

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Snakes teachings are vast. Her tendency to stay ever so close to the earth reminds us to stay grounded and true to the soil that nurtures us, and to trust. Snake teaches us to regularly shed our skins of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our highest good. She teaches us the art of transformation, death and rebirth as well as strength, perseverance and loyalty. 

This ring was created to serve as a supportive amulet during times of growth & transformation. 


- Measurement | 2- 4mm range in width from head to tail

- Adjustable fit | Size 5-8


- Lovingly crafted from reclaimed metals

- Solid bronze

- Nickel & allergen free

- Ethically made in the USA

IG & FB @Cosubesurf – 1580 NW 21st Ave, PDX 97209