Grey Salt Bath

Pour half cup into warm bath and soak 20-30 minutes. Contemplate a brisk walk in the forest after the first rain of the season.
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NW Rainforest is an uplifting and deeply cleansing bath to purify and soothe the body.  The Grey Salt selected was hand gathered from the French coast using ancient 2000 year old Celtic practices.  The result is 82 trace minerals and high moisture content to achieve the most benefits possible from a bath.

Ingredients: Grey Salt, Lavender*, Sodium Chloride (salt), Jojoba*, essential oils of Lavender*, Cedar*, Spruce*, Fir*, and Jasmin*.


Notes: Essential oils are quickly evaporated in hot water.  Ad mixture to warm water right before getting into the bath.  Be careful when standing up as the tub may become slippery.  For external use only.

Made in Portland, OR.