• Balm of Gilead Ring - Bronze
  • Balm of Gilead Ring - Bronze
  • Balm of Gilead Ring - Bronze

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Balm of Gilead Ring - Bronze

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Balm of Gilead | The Healer 

This botanical signet ring is not only beautiful to wear daily but can also be used as a signet for wax seals to beautify your life even more... 

The buds of Balm of Gilead were known to be used in ancient times along the banks of the river Jordan thousands of years ago. This is a heart medicine and she is known to be soothing to the both body and soul.

She works to assist in healing heartache, calming physical and spiritual pain, softening dissonant energies and mending arguments and broken relationships. 


Measurement | 15 mm at thickest point to 2 mm at thinnest 


- Lovingly crafted from reclaimed metals

- Solid bronze

- Nickel & allergen free

- Ethically made in the USA

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