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Coffee. Surf. Beer. In that order. This, in our mind, is a perfect day. Cold Water Surf is more than just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. COSUBE was created to provide a home to the community that grabs their 5mm wetsuit, gloves and booties and hits the road at 5am to catch the best surf. We want to connect our community to the art of board making with an in-house shaping bay. To complement the shapers, craft coffee from Coava and a range of local and imported microbrews will give you the option to sip on a beverage while you peruse the store or get an upfront view of the shapers at work. 

Seeing as how we're in Portland, the apparel and accessories we carry have been carefully curated for the urban, NW lifestyle. So, we're open early. You can rent boards, wetsuits and gear online, or on your phone. You can pick up a cup of coffee, wax, blanket, shop our apparel, refill a growler or get any other gear on your way out to the coast. When you're back, swing by and grab a pint or refresh your coffee and tell us about your session.

We're looking forward to hearing your stories.