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Lee Leatherman 7'6 Egg Gun Opaque Grey


Lee Leatherman 7'6 Egg Gun Opaque Grey


7'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4"

Suggested fins: 7.5" L Flex from True Ames (clear color).

Designed specifically for those magical Oregon days: crisp offshore winds, defined peaks, barrels. Yet like most of my boards, the Egg/Gun also suprisingly goes well in a variety of conditions (after all, we do live in Oregon!). This design has a rather complex bottom contour: Vee/hull entry going into a narrow, single barrel concave under the front foot (chest when you are paddling), and a double concave/Vee starts within the barrel concave about 24" from the tail and mellows out past the fin. This bottom contour design gives the board the ability to be quite maneuverable (setting up your ride on entry and bottom turn) yet hold tight in the barrel and/or critical sections. With this board, you can paddle in early in challenging offshore conditions, make the drop and set up the barrel/section with ease. Classic single fin glide feeling.

Available for purchase online. Pick up in store only.

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