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Lee Leatherman 5'8 Bunker Fish Gold Opaque


Lee Leatherman 5'8 Bunker Fish Gold Opaque


5'8" x 20 1/2" x 2 3/8"

Suggested fins: True Ames Hobie Fish twin fins (red color, Futures compatible) or Futures Sea Shepherd twin fins.

Fast, loose and super versatile. This take on the twin fish has deep roots in the San Diego style kneeboard/fish mixed with a Hawaiian flair. Compared to the Classic Keel fish, this board model has less rocker, slightly more downturned rails, a more "kneeboardy" outline and single foil twin fins instead of the classic double foil keels. It all adds up to a board that can handle knee high waves to slabby barrels to double overhead waves. Contrary to some popular understanding of the fish design, these boards aren't just an alternative to your high performance shortboard to be ridden when conditions are small and/or sloppy. The fish was designed to take on barreling slabs. This model is named after the late Bunker Spreckels who was a notorious aficionado of the twin fish design, kneeboarding and stand up riding these boards on the North Shore and beyond. With some modernizing updates to the bottom design, rails and fins, this model will light your surfing up in myriad conditions.

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